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Email Outreach: The Ultimate Guide to Candidate Outreach

December 15, 2022

By: IQTalent

Due to the current climate in recruiting and considering the strides made in outreach technology, email is one of the first outreach methods that come to mind for many recruiters. For this blog, we’ll be diving a bit deeper into the subject of email outreach, including some of our experts’ favorite tips to create a top-notch email outreach experience. 

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Email Outreach

In terms of outreach, many recruiters consider email to be king. And for a good reason! It’s low effort, you can curate your own responses fit for different candidates, it can be automated, and you know you’re reaching the right audience. However, many tricks of the trade are learned through years of conducting high-quality email outreach that beginners might not be privy to. 

Here are some of our must-haves when it comes to email outreach: 

Source candidates you’re sure of! 

Whether this means you are sure they will respond to your outreach or if you’re sure that they would be a good fit for the role you have in mind, it’s your responsibility to contact individuals that will prove worth it for your time and effort.

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Accumulate contact information. 

Use industry-standard tools like SeekOut or Signal Hire to start building out candidate profiles, including their email address, current position, cell number, and social profiles like LinkedIn. By consolidating your information and keeping it in one place, you can easily find and reference candidates when they respond to your outreach efforts. Before you know it, you will have a virtual Rolodex of candidates, no matter where they fall in the nurturing process.

Write goal-oriented emails. 

There’s nothing worse than a vaguely written and outlined email. Make sure you cut to the chase of why you’re contacting them, and be clear on what you want. Before crafting the email copy, outline what you want from this engagement. In most, if not all, cases, you’re going to want a positive response.

Write the body of the email with your goal in mind. A good rule of thumb is to read the email, once drafted, from the candidate’s perspective. Answer these questions: 

  • Is your intent clear? 
  • Do they have an obvious call to action? 
  • Are the next steps spelled out precisely? 

If the answer is no to any of the above, you’ll want to consider editing for clarity to achieve goal alignment.

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Make the candidate feel worthy of the job. 

Chances are, candidates are wondering how you got their information and why you chose them of all candidates to reach out to. You have your reasons after conducting in-depth candidate research, but they are just being brought into the fold now. Flex your research skills by mentioning qualifications unique to that candidate and express (briefly) why you think they are an amazing fit for the role. 

Use phrasing techniques that emphasize the exclusivity of the job and the organization seeking talent. While maintaining a personable feel, let the candidate know why you (the expert) believe they are qualified, worthy, and deserving of the new opportunity.

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Put everything they need in one email. 

This one may feel a little instinctual, but you would be surprised at the amount of email outreach sent out that has sporadic details or needs multiple sends to get across one consolidated message. Avoid that completely by making sure every pertinent detail is listed and the next steps are clear if they want to continue with this opportunity. 

Offer an opt-out. 

Like any good “cold-emailer,” you want to allow candidates to opt out of receiving messages from you in the future. By giving them the option to either remove themselves from your list or say “STOP,” you can avoid spam complaints or hostile messages from candidates who are not interested in speaking with you.  

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Ask recent hires for feedback. 

Have you hired someone recently that you recruited via email outreach? Talk to them! Go back and see their correspondence from before they were hired, schedule some time with them, and sit down and talk about what worked for them and what didn’t. 

By getting real-time feedback from recent hires that prove your strategies work, you can get more insight into the process and how your wording and messaging were received.

There are undoubtedly a lot of facets in any candidate outreach, which is why we’ve expanded on so many of these outreach tactics in our Ultimate Guide to Candidate Outreach. We’ve broken down some of the most pertinent recommendations for email outreach, but that leaves so many outreach categories untouched.

Making sure your outreach is on point and nurturing candidates while maintaining high standards of research is challenging. IQTalent is here to do the heavy lifting in researching for you while you and your team focus on nurturing talent through the candidate pipeline.

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