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How to Recruit in the Construction Industry: Top Tips From an On-Demand Recruiting Expert

May 5, 2022

By: IQTalent

The labor shortage continues to be an issue for recruiters, and it shows no signs of easing anytime soon. As construction jobs rise in demand, companies need to find ways to improve their strategy for sourcing and recruiting candidates in construction.

To succeed in recruiting in the construction industry, companies need to be willing to take the necessary measures to position themselves ahead of the competition and create a compelling candidate experience that grabs the attention of the best workers. These five tips will help you refine how you approach construction recruitment and secure the top talent for your company.

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Offer Competitive Compensation

The job hiring market has shifted in favor of the candidates. What does that mean? The time for making a low-salary offer and hoping to hire someone for cheap is over.

Numerous companies are likely approaching today’s candidates. There’s a strong chance they’ve got a few offers in front of them, so coming in at a low salary point can make you lose that star candidate.

Before you extend an offer to a candidate, ask yourself, “Is this an offer that would be attractive to me?” If you think you would personally pass up this opportunity, you need to go back and rethink the offer you’ll present. While you might have to offer a higher salary than you originally intended, the $10,000 increase in base salary is far cheaper than the long-term costs of a bad hire.

Position Yourself Strategically

As the number of open jobs climbs and the number of available candidates falls, companies need to find fresh ways to attract and retain talent. The construction job market is flush with companies vying for the same individuals, so your best bet is to make your company stand out by positioning yourself strategically.

Start by making a list of the unique offerings your company has. Do you use modern technologies, have specific equipment, or have a distinctive workplace culture? Be sure to show this off and promote it to the candidates you’re engaging with!

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Candidates today are interested in more than just the job they’d be doing. They want to know that the company they work for is invested in their success and provides the kind of work-life balance they crave. Broadcasting how you meet these needs will help your company shine compared to other employers in the space.

Offer Strong Job Training Programs

Another thing qualified construction industry candidates are looking for in an employer is the opportunity to learn and grow within their career. If your company doesn’t offer training or ongoing education programs, chances are the best talent will look elsewhere. To attract and retain the best candidates, you need to have a strong training program in place, and you need to be certain to promote it to the people you’re recruiting. 

The right program is geared toward both new and existing employees. Your program needs to get your latest hire up to speed quickly so that they can excel in their job. But, you also need to continue to invest in the reskilling and upskilling of the employees you already have. This not only will keep your employees at the top of their game, but it also increases your chances of retaining your employees.

Did you know that 94% of employees say they would stay at their current job if their employer was more invested in their development? That shocking statistic paints a very clear picture. To stay ahead of the competition and excel at recruiting and retaining top employees within the construction industry, you need to prioritize employee development.

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Make Your Process Simple

Studies have shown that the average hiring pipeline can last anywhere from 23-30 days, but the kicker is that top talent is typically off the market within 10 days. That means that to land that star candidate, you need to have your hiring process built into a well-oiled machine that can quickly engage, recruit, and evaluate potential new hires.

If your process is long and drawn out with delayed responses, endless meetings, and automated communications, candidates are unlikely to stick it out to the end.

To keep candidates engaged, you need a process that:

  • Streamlines communication — once a candidate expresses interest in your company, be sure to reach out quickly to not keep them waiting.
  • Has clear directives — what can the candidate expect as the next steps, and what is the estimated timeline for responses?
  • Creates an enjoyable experience — if your candidate experience is clunky or creates a poor experience, not only will you miss out on top talent, but chances are they’ll express their negative experience to others, hurting your employer brand.

Keep in mind that top candidates are likely being sought after by many companies. If your hiring process takes too long, there is a strong chance another offer will come across more quickly.

Rely on On-Demand Recruiting Experts

When it comes to the construction industry, on-demand recruiters have a strong advantage. They know where to find the best candidates, know the construction industry's intricacies, and know how to evaluate whether a candidate would truly be a good fit for your company.

On-demand recruitment firms take the heavy lifting off your internal hiring team’s shoulders by sourcing, engaging, and matching candidates to your open jobs. They also have a greater talent pool to draw from, seeing as they are always expanding their professional network. With access to the latest job boards, talent exchange networks,  and social media platforms, on-demand experts can quickly identify potential candidates and reach out to them on your behalf. 

The results?

A faster hiring process that:

  • Finds you stronger quality candidates
  • Nurtures candidates at every stage
  • Saves your organization time and money
  • Creates an enjoyable candidate experience
  • Establishes your employer brand

There’s no doubt that on-demand recruiting for the construction industry is the way of the future. And with the war for talent only getting more intense, it’s time to give on-demand experts a try. You may just find that they are the secret weapon you’ve been missing all along.

On the fence about embracing an on-demand recruiting partner? Our all-inclusive guide can help erase any concerns you may have.

Looking for an on-demand partner for construction recruiting? Reach out to us today. We’d be happy to connect and build a plan to help you hire the best talent for your open positions.

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