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Diamond Recruiting Helps You Hire Top Talent In A Tough Labor Market

March 10, 2022

Over the last few years, experts have been saying that the marketing funnel is dead. At IQTP, we agree that this traditional approach just doesn’t work for recruiting, sourcing, and talent acquisition anymore. Candidates have more power in today’s hiring market, and recruiters need to adjust their strategies if they hope to source the kind of candidates their organizations need.

Before we take a look at how organizations can modernize their recruitment strategies, let’s run through some older, less refined approaches to recruitment and candidate selection.

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Old Styles Of Recruiting

Recruitment and sourcing strategies are constantly shifting and changing, but there have been common approaches that our team has seen when it comes to finding and fighting for top talent.

The most unorthodox and least efficient strategy (which basically equates to winging it) involves simply recruiting anyone and everyone. There is no rhyme, reason, or plan behind this method. Hiring managers simply try to connect with as many people as possible to build a candidate pool. This process relies on large-volume outreach and engagement to increase the likelihood of landing a candidate. A highly opportunistic recruiting style, there is a considerable risk that the employee you hire isn’t the right fit for the role.

While a highly adaptable approach to recruiting, there is no clear path or train of thought. Hiring managers will set off to recruit for a specific need or role, only to pivot and change direction or intention. Rather than looking at what your organization truly needs, this method is prone to going back and forth between different recruiting tools and research methods.

Take this for example — Your manager asks you to focus your recruiting efforts on a specific few schools or universities; the next week, they change their mind and say to focus on a different area. It’s understandable and likely that you’ll need to adapt and change your strategy throughout your hiring process, but the best bet is to limit the number of times you go back and adjust your method. Organizations would be better off developing a solid research process before diving into any work.

Finally, many organizations take a highly precise and targeted approach to recruiting. One of the perks of today’s modern tools and technologies is that we’ve been able to create these strong targeting strategies. But, the caveat to this is that sometimes when we target candidates a little too precisely, there’s a chance you’ll miss out on some great applicants.

While these old approaches to recruiting worked in the past, recruiters today need to think outside the funnel to find and hire top talent. The best way to do that? Implement our Diamond Recruiting method.

The Diamond Recruiting Method

Combining the best of precision-based methods with a typical funnel approach is the Diamond Recruiting approach. This method creates a highly targeted hiring pipeline before you even start building out your candidate list.

Thanks to the support of highly targeted tools, you can identify the specific kinds of candidates and skills you need to hire. This means you can fill the unique gaps in your organization and focus your time and efforts on a smaller list of highly-qualified candidates. To start, you lean on the shortlist of top talent you collect through a precision-based approach. Meaning your list of potential hires is more refined from the get-go using a highly calibrated candidate profile.

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The key is to use as many keywords and criteria as possible to curate your list of candidates. Once you’ve collected a list of 5-20 potential hires, you need to start your outreach and engagement as soon as possible. This list of candidates is your “Diamond Candidates,” and are the people you need to get in touch with at all costs. Calls and outreach to Diamond candidates can bring about an excellent applicant or a great referral to utilize.

Our 4 Areas Of Focus

The Diamond Approach focuses on four key areas that place the right amount of pressure on the candidate pipeline to churn out amazing candidates when applied correctly. These four areas are:


Collaboration is the key to building out the targeted pipeline your organization needs. Together, IQTP and your recruiters will work alongside each other to determine precisely the kind of candidates your organization needs. This is the time to work through necessary criteria, keywords, and experience to ensure your strategies align before you source candidates. This stage focuses on ensuring the client is happy before we set to work.


Calibration is when we hit the ground running. After working with your recruiters to create a targeted pipeline, our team gets to work producing a shortlist of top candidates using the Diamond Method. Your team will have access to this list so you can provide any feedback or edits as you see fit. Once we’ve calibrated the ideal candidate profile or diamond candidate profile, it’s time to start mining.


In the candidate stage, we start to apply pressure on our potential candidates to see which ones are capable of turning into diamonds. The first step is to cross-reference your organization's needs with the skills, quality, and experience of the list we’ve produced. Do these candidates have the right skills for the role? Are they good fits with the style and pace of work? Now is the time to open up the pipeline and evaluate the profiles you’ve collected.


When it comes to a great hire, it’s about more than just skills and experience. A candidate's ability to mesh into the culture of your workplace is crucial as well. If you’ve found a good hire, but they don’t fit your company’s core competencies, chances are things won’t work out. That’s why we also focus on character traits when recruiting. The personality, interests, demeanor, communication style, and work ethic of a candidate are all things you need to evaluate before making a hiring decision.

Using the Diamond Recruiting method can help you find something highly valuable — a strong, talented employee who helps advance your organizational goals.

How The Diamond Recruiting Method Helps You Hire In A Tight Labor Market

It’s no secret that the current labor market is putting strain on organizations and recruiters. With more job openings than individuals seeking work, organizations need to create a more targeted approach to hiring to grab up and hire the talent that is available. The truth is that the way we source and recruit candidates is always shifting, which is why it is so essential to establish your criteria, goals, and strategies right from the start.

Diamond Recruiting supports this more targeted approach, as it enables you to recruit and hire not only for specific kinds of candidates but also for specific needs within your organization. And, with the support of IQTP’s sourcers and recruiters, your internal team can shift some of the strain and burden on them to our team. Together, we can build out a hiring pipeline packed with qualified talent so that you don’t have to spend your time and energy engaging with talent that isn’t right for the role.

IQTalent Partners can help you build a strong, talented team, even during a tight labor market. Our unique approach to sourcing candidates and expertise across a wide range of industries enables your team to hire more strategically and efficiently. Reach out to our team to find out more.

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