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Employer Brand Hiring

How Your Employer Brand Can Impact Your Hiring Direction

October 20, 2022

By: IQTalent

For anyone on top of the latest hiring trends, employer branding has long been discussed as a tactic to improve an organization’s hiring process. Whether it’s heightened exposure due to employer branding initiatives on social media or employee referrals emphasizing the internal culture of a workplace, it’s hard to argue against the importance of a strong employer brand.

We like to think of employer branding as if your organization was suddenly able to speak for itself: honestly, comprehensively, and succinctly. For those who are more creatively inclined, it’s easy to think of employer branding as a unique way to tell your organization’s story. Storytelling, if done right, is naturally more compelling as it uses narrative arcs and real-world examples to bring a more abstract concept into reality. 

Recruiters know the importance of employer branding - and candidates are now becoming more and more expectant about seeing a glimpse into employer’s brands. Keep reading to find out the concrete benefits of employer branding and how it can impact your hiring direction.

After you’ve pinpointed the characteristics of your organization that you want front and center of the #EmployerBrand, you can begin promoting them internally and externally. Learn more in @IQTalent’s blog:Click to Tweet

Make Your Employer Brand Recognizable

Starting from scratch with employer branding can seem like a massive undertaking at first, but with a bit of precision and tact, employer branding strategies can often emerge organically. 

Think about what makes the place you’re recruiting for unique. What is their culture like? How do employees relate to each other? Are there any fun traditions they celebrate? What do holidays and gatherings typically look like? Any off-site excursions to brag about? What are the standout values potential candidates want to know? How has the mission statement for this organization evolved over the years? What are alumni likely to say about their employment with the company? 

By taking the time to carefully craft and consider these questions, you can identify trends or characteristics that differentiate the company you’re recruiting for from its competitors.

Pro Tip: While checking out your competitors’ employer brand can be informative, ensure you build your employer brand internally without comparing too early on in the process.


After you’ve pinpointed the characteristics of the organization that you want front and center of the employer brand, you can begin focusing on these elements and promoting them internally and externally. By implementing a weekly “value spotlight” on social media or publishing it on your organization’s website, you can show off some of your top talent while doubling down on the values you want to be visible to potential candidates. 

LinkedIn breaks down some of the biggest contributing factors that influence a candidate's decision to accept a position or not:

  • Company values, culture, and location(s)
  • Overall compensation, benefits, and on-the-job perks (lunch, on-site childcare, flextime, etc.)
  • Career development opportunities and ongoing employee recognition
  • Management style
  • Team caliber and quality of work
  • Work-life balance and job security
  • Financial perks like commuter credits, bonuses, housing subsidies, relocation, and tuition assistance
  • Opportunities for travel, client exposure, or community service projects

Eventually, the tactics you employ to present your employer brand can become a “calling card” of sorts to potential candidates - passive and active alike. Recognizability is the name of the game when trying to develop a memorable employer brand. Once you’ve done the groundwork and established a baseline of what it’s like to work for the organization and what candidates want to know, you can continue building a more verbose employer brand.

Let Your Employer Brand Prove Its Worth

One reason employer branding is so crucial is due to the valuable time and effort it saves your recruiting team. Without a set employer brand in place, your recruiters will find themselves behind the competition. 

It would be irresponsible to say that you can just “set and forget” your employer brand after it’s been established for a few months or years, but, at some level, it can become self-sufficient. Encouraging your current talent to broadcast their favorite parts of working for your organization can help ensure organic engagement on social media or a higher likelihood of internal referrals. You never know who is watching LinkedIn, scoping out their next career move, or who has been waiting for your organization to open a role under their umbrella of expertise. 

Establishing an employer brand that garners attention and fosters the culture you want at your organization can save you money and effort. Think of it this way: if your brand is already at the forefront of candidates’ minds, you don’t need to spend as much time posting on career sites selling your culture or proving you are a great place to work. Ideally, the work you’ve put into the employer brand will do the heavy lifting for you.

@IQTalent recommends implementing a quarterly audit of your #EmployerBrand to make sure it is still on the cutting edge of what candidates are looking for. Find out more:Click to Tweet

Assess Employer Brand Success

Finally, you want to assess your employer brand often to keep everyone on top of their game. Sure, having a new employee mention that your company has an attractive online presence is great, but what are the actual metrics backing your brand?

Implement a quarterly audit of your employer brand to ensure it is still on the cutting edge of what candidates are looking for while also staying in tune with the current workplace culture. 

SHRM suggests identifying what metrics you should keep an eye on to prove the success of your employer brand. Some popular metrics they recommend include:

  • Quality of hire
  • Time-to-hire
  • Brand awareness
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee referrals
  • Employee engagement
  • Candidate experience
  • Candidate engagement

With actual metrics and facts backing your employer branding tactics, gaining the confidence of internal shareholders will be more streamlined.

In today’s notably tight labor market, ensuring your employer branding stands out and makes a statement is the name of the game. The effort you put into creating a strong brand helps direct your hiring strategies and lead you to higher levels of recruiting success.

Our team has decades of experience recruiting across a variety of industries. We know each industry's intricacies and nuances, so our team is well-prepared to help you implement and execute a strong hiring strategy. And the cornerstone of any robust hiring process starts with a comprehensive employer brand. Reach out to our team today to see how we can help you elevate your employer brand and start finding and recruiting the best talent on the market.

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