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How To Attract In-Demand Talent In A Competitive Market

April 13, 2022

As The Great Resignation sets the stage for the current state of talent acquisition, IQTalent Partners’ President, David Windley uncovers the most impactful tactics recruiters are utilizing to engage highly in-demand talent in his most recent article for Forbes.

With roughly 11 million open roles and about 6.9 million unemployed who are actively seeking work, we're working to bridge a chasm, not a gap. Learn more about retaining and attracting #InDemand talent:Click to Tweet

The competition for qualified talent is fierce, meaning candidate experience matters now more than ever. Considering the modern workforce allows in-demand candidates to find their perfect job without even leaving their homes, recruiters need to meet talent where they are.

To keep candidates happy and engaged, recruiters should prioritize streamlining the application process and offer widely expected perks like a flexible work schedule, a positive work culture, and a competitive salary. The labor shortage isn’t going anywhere, but you can attract and retain the highly sought-after candidates your organization needs with newly refined recruiting strategies.

Get access to the full insights from David Windley in his most recent article for Forbes here.

#HiringManagers should ensure their current process is efficient while simultaneously being open and upfront regarding compensation, role expectations, and company culture. See more ways you can find and keep top talent:Click to Tweet


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