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IQTalent Index Sheds Light on Changing Priorities in Construction and Manufacturing Sectors

September 14, 2023

By: IQTalent

The State of Recruitment in the Construction and Manufacturing Industries from IQTalent highlights current trends and forecasts potential directions in recruitment, paving the way for industry transformation.

Nashville, TN - September 14, 2023

IQTalent launched an index that encapsulates key trends in the rapidly evolving recruitment landscape within the construction and manufacturing industries. As the landscape transforms due to economic conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic, IQTalent’s index highlights the growing move towards digitization, the increased emphasis on health and safety protocols, the uptick in flexible work arrangements, and more.

By offering recruiters key insights into the power of AI-driven technology, the importance of a strong company reputation, and the necessity of adopting modern recruitment strategies, IQTalent aims to help businesses optimize their talent acquisition approach to navigate and thrive in these changing times.

This index is imperative as it presents an accurate picture of the current trends, challenges, and evolving preferences in the recruitment landscape in the construction and manufacturing sectors. It provides substantial evidence of the digital shift happening across industries, with 40% of participants reporting already embracing digital tools for recruitment and 48% showing willingness towards AI-driven technology. It also emphasizes employee well-being and work-life balance as key factors, with 25% of respondents strengthening health measures and a whopping 89% witnessing a surge in demand for flexible work schedules.

With 25% of participants already leveraging on-demand sourcing services and 41% considering it, the index predicts a future driven by innovative recruitment solutions. For this reason, this index is pivotal for employers and HR professionals to understand and adapt to the changing dynamics in talent acquisition and management.

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The data also highlights the positive influence of mentorship programs and career advancement opportunities, appreciated by 43% and 47% of participants, respectively. On the other hand, findings on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) efforts paint a different picture, with 23% of participants reporting no DE&I efforts underway and only 9% having such goals in practice. A significant 30% also found it challenging to meet their DE&I goals.

Dive deeper into the challenges, trends, and opportunities that surround talent acquisition in these sectors with IQTalent’s Index, The State of Recruitment in the Construction and Manufacturing Industries.

To learn more information on the data collected in The State of Recruitment in the Construction and Manufacturing Industries Index, please contact Stacie Kinder for further details: staciek@iqtalent.com.

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