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Talent Acquisition

4 Disruptors in Talent Acquisition for 2023

March 3, 2023

By: IQTalent

In the midst of predictions and assumptions being made by leaders in the Talent Acquisition space for 2023, author and industry expert, Josh Bersin outlines four distinct disruptors that recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals are bound to face in this upcoming year. 

In his article, Josh Bersin details these disruptors as “a changed workforce demographic and new set of cultural issues, a redefinition of industries as healthcare, energy, electrification, and consumerization takes off, a desperate need to grow revenue at lower cost, while reskilling and redeploying people into high potential projects, and the ultimate redefinition of the organization, as we operate in hybrid work, with cross-functional teams, and new models of youthful leadership.”

To best understand these disruptors and their expected impact in this space, we will dive deeper into each disruptor, analyze how it came to be, and predict how it will shape the future of talent acquisition. Keep reading to learn more about these disruptions and how you can prepare your team to (inevitably) encounter them.

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Disruptor #1: New Cultural Issues

The Talent Acquisition landscape is quickly changing due to the cultural issues and shifting workforce demographics of today. As a result, companies need to rethink their approach to recruiting and review their hiring pipelines from cultural lenses to be successful. 

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Companies must also recognize and recognize that they are likely competing against other groups who have already integrated cultural awareness into their recruitment pipeline; therefore, it's important to understand how cultural fluency can give recruiters the edge when it comes to securing top talent.

Disruptor #2: Redefinition of Industries

The changes in industries over the past few years have been incredible. From healthcare to energy, electrification to consumerization, Talent Acquisition needs to continuously adapt alongside these evolving sectors to meet their needs. 

This has been combined with rapid consumerization, pushing Talent Acquisition to redefine itself for an ever-changing market. As competition for talent increases across these industries, Talent Acquisition professionals are presented with new challenges that require the onboarding of skilled talent at an accelerated rate.

Recruiters need to be ready for anything and continue searching for talent that meets today's standards of respective industries. We can't settle on the talent of only yesterday; we must be ready to bring the talent of tomorrow into our organizations. After all, Talent Acquisition isn't just one step – it's a continuous cycle of having informed candidates ready at a moment's notice.

Disruptor #3: Growing Revenue At Lower Cost

As Talent Acquisition strategies shift to meet business goals and reduce costs, organizations are starting to embrace the idea of reskilling and redeploying already existing talent. With its advantages outweighing the risks, reskilling presents an opportunity for companies to bridge the skills gap between current and desired employees, as well as engage their teams through innovative training opportunities.

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The new era of Talent Acquisition has created a need for businesses to extend their talent search beyond the ordinary. Companies across all industries are desperately searching for innovative ways to grow revenue with little cost while ensuring that talent is being acquired from the most rewarding places, leading organizations to lean into reskilling more.

Despite its challenges, this disruption in Talent Acquisition offers numerous opportunities and has paved the way for a future of more collaborative, well-rounded talent pools.

Disruptor #4: Cross-functional Teams

Talent acquisition is undergoing a major disruption as hybrid work, and cross-functional teams become the new norm. Without traditional recruitment models to fall back on, companies are forced to embrace innovative talent management strategies, including appointing youthful leaders for roles traditionally assigned solely to experienced individuals.

What kind of talent does one look for in a hybrid work setting? And how do organizations ensure that new talent meshes well with existing team dynamics? These technologies and younger leadership styles are creating an interesting disruption in Talent Acquisition, one that requires both savvy corporate strategizing and fresh approaches to maximizing talent ROI.

Though this shift can be intimidating, it has the potential to be instrumental in developing a workforce that reflects the heart of an organization - its innovation and ability to stay at the forefront of cutting-edge trends.

Unexpected disruptions are a reality, keeping us always on our toes. Through digital transformation, automation, and reskilling initiatives, Talent Acquisition is stepping up to meet the ever-evolving demands of a dynamic working landscape. Utilizing today's cutting-edge tools, digital networks, and analytics, forward-thinking companies are leveraging new methods to align their workforce structure with specific objectives. 

At IQTalent, we understand how critical it is to have a smart and agile approach when disruptive forces hit the enterprise landscape. That’s why we offer custom recruitment solutions to help businesses stay ahead of their competition while adapting to today’s challenging environment. Talk with IQTalent today for more information about our unique services and how they can benefit your business.

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