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RPO Recruiting: Cutting Your Time-to-Hire in Half

April 9, 2018

Consider the cost of productivity alongside the strain on the workforce that is holding down the responsibilities of the open position in addition to their own workload. Talent acquisition can be stressful, especially when volume and need vary over time. That’s where recruiting process outsourcing (RPO) steps in.

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What is RPO?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a business strategy that occurs when an employer allows an external organization to maintain all or part of their talent acquisition program. Organizations typically use RPO in one of two ways:

1. They bring an RPO in to maintain every part of their recruiting function. All methodologies, technologies, reporting and hiring staff, aside from some leadership who might act as hiring managers, are housed within the RPO and outside of the internal organization.


2. Organizations use RPO for a few portions of their process or supplemental recruiting. The company may welcome an RPO in when an internal talent acquisition team is overwhelmed by busy seasons.


In either scenario, RPO is different from using staffing firms or recruiting agencies. The RPO experts and their services do more than find candidates to fill seats. An RPO provider acts as an advisor while maintaining the productivity of talent acquisition efforts. When an organization welcomes an RPO, they’re not only getting candidates. They will also receive guidance on building a better recruitment process, access to proven technologies and an all-around strategic partner. The best RPOs will dig deep into business strategy and values to ensure you find the best talent while building a recruiting program that works.

Cutting Time to Hire with RPO

As mentioned, hiring new employees takes time and money. An open position probably means lost productivity, even if your team is able to fill the void. Then, of course, there is sourcing, screening, interviewing and building offers all to find and hire the right candidate. Multiply that one opening by 2 or 5 or more, and you very well might have a frantic talent acquisition team. If those hiring needs fluctuate at all throughout the year, even the most prepared hiring process could suffer from potential inefficiencies.

That’s where RPO helps. RPO providers have collected and maintained a database of interested and qualified talent and a keen ability to focus on hiring decisions, strategies and all the administrative work that goes into each. Additionally, RPO providers are always exploring and reevaluating technologies to ensure they’re working with the best solutions in the space. Outsourcing even one step in this lengthy process will mean you have a practiced team of experts who have exclusively focused on what it takes to turn recruiting into smooth sailing.

More Than a Recruiting Service

RPO gives your team access to a partner in talent acquisition. Logistically, RPO will ease the burden of hiring for organizations who are under workload constraints. From administrative tasks to actually finding interested and qualified candidates, the help in these areas alone can be monumental for the bottom line. But as we said, an RPO strives to be more than a transaction. The right RPO will ask an important question: Where is your recruiting process failing you?

This isn’t an opening for an upsell or the chance at offering unsolicited advice. RPO are partnerships that move at your pace and for your benefit. For example, IQTalent Partners always takes the time to understand our clients’ challenges, successes and opportunities. Our consultative approach means we can do the work of an entire in-house recruiting team, or offer solutions that fill in a few gaps. We know how to ramp up or down our work so our client is receiving just the right amount of support during busy or slower times. We’re even prepared to temporarily take over recruitment efforts while helping the company strategize, plan, train and implement their own long-term internal department.

Does your organization need a partner in recruitment? Give us a call or drop an email. We will help you find a model that fits your needs.


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