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Recruiting Refresh: What to Expect In 2023

January 5, 2023

By: IQTalent

Breezing into 2023, there are some recruiting trends and norms we have become increasingly familiar with over the past two years. Given the new year and emerging trends on the horizon, recruiters are best served by looking at the trends that are considered to be most impactful in 2023.

In this article, we’ll examine familiar but evolving trends in recruiting and how they are anticipated to continue to leave a mark on the recruiting landscape in 2023. Keep reading to get an easy rundown of the most relevant trends recruiters are keeping an eye on for the new year. 

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The Big (Talent) Shortage 

If you read any publications about recruiting in 2022, you’ve probably learned about The Great Resignation and its many pseudonyms, ad nauseam. Frankly, there’s a reason for the overkill on The Great Resignation coverage, and it’s the simple fact that we are still facing it. 

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record number of workers, approximately 4.2 million, quit in November 2022. While the talent shortage is certainly present, simultaneously, there are serious layoffs happening, hitting many industries like tech and retail where it hurts. At best, the economy is uncertain. But fears of a recession are still on the horizon, meaning recruiters need to be wary and prepared for the extra pressure added to their talent acquisition capabilities.

Employer Branding

We’ve seen a steady increase in the focus and energy organizations are putting into employer branding and how these investments prove worthwhile. IQTalent’s President David Windley expands in his article for Forbes, “86% of job seekers say they would not consider working for a company with bad social standing.” 

By establishing an employer brand that is both authentic to your organization and accurate to those who have experienced your culture firsthand, you offer an invaluable view into what it would look like to work with you. To stay ahead of the competition with a powerful employer brand, encourage employees to contribute their unique stories and pictures to be leveraged in an active social media presence.

Retention, Retention, Retention

In the face of the beast that is the global talent shortage, the name of the game for many recruiters is retention. Instead of fighting the uphill battle to source and secure brand-new talent in such a strenuous labor market, focusing on the experience and sentiments of current employees is proving to be an extremely valuable tool for keeping your current teams filled and engaged. 

It’s no surprise that highly-valued talent always has its pick of available opportunities; your job is to make employees feel heard, seen, and comfortable in their positions. Create an open culture of transparency and accountability. The more you make their current workplace an ideal place to stay, the easier it will be to retain valuable top talent. 

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Workforce Planning, But Make It Intelligent

One of the strongest weapons you can have in the fight for great talent is a strong workforce planning process. After all, if you cannot correctly anticipate the amount of turnover you’ll face or how many roles you’ll need to have filled by the end of the quarter, you will find yourself in a recruiting world of hurt. To achieve top-notch workforce planning, you want to invest in tools that help with headcount planning intelligently, proactively, and comprehensively. 

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Features to look for in a workforce planning tool or suite: 

  • Ability to forecast hiring needs
  • Easy communication among users
  • Strong analytics to learn from the past and prepare for the future
  • Insights into behavioral patterns and employee data
  • Evaluation of current and past workforce planning initiatives

AI Recruiting Tech Under Heightened Scrutiny

With the rise of automation comes an increased level of skepticism of its use. 2023 is the beginning of several different states implementing anti-bias auditing processes. For example, New York City has already passed a bill to prevent the use of AI in the hiring process to reinforce bias that goes into effect this January. 

This bill requires bias audits for AI hiring, prohibiting employers from using artificial intelligence without an assessment for bias. And this isn’t just the New York state of mind, as Illinois, California, Maryland, and many other states are beginning to propose similar legislation. 

Having these new but developing trends at the top of mind while recruiting in 2023 will give your strategies the extra edge you need. By keeping your finger on the pulse of recruiting trends as they emerge, you are preparing not only yourself as a recruiter for success but your organization as a whole.

Find out how IQTalent can support your efforts to stay ahead of the game in 2023. Schedule a free consultation and start building your team intelligently.

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