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Recruiting Connections Podcast: Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

April 20, 2023

Recruiting has come a long way from posting job listings on bulletin boards or classified ads. Today, the recruitment process is complex and sophisticated, powered by cutting-edge technology that has revolutionized how we look for and hire talent.


In the most recent episode of the Recruiting Connections podcast, Leah Daniels, Chief Commercial Officer at JobSync, and IQTalent's Chris Murdock share their insights on the groundbreaking technology available to recruiters. They dive deep into identifying the best tools and platforms for organizations, making tools work for existing recruitment processes and the manual processes that automation is taking over.

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The podcast offers a unique perspective on how to leverage technology to optimize recruitment processes and save valuable time for recruiters. Leah and Chris take you on an enlightened journey to help you identify the right tools and platforms that best suit your organization's needs. They also emphasize the importance of making sure these tools work in tandem with your existing processes to streamline the entire recruitment process.

So, if you are looking to get ahead in the recruitment game and stay ahead, it's time to embrace the latest technological advancements available to you. In this blog, we bring to you some of the most interesting excerpts from Leah Daniels and Chris Murdock's insightful conversation on how recruiters can benefit from cutting-edge technology.

Tune in to Recruiting Connections podcast to hear Leah Daniels and Chris Murdock talk about how innovative technology can help recruiters automate manual processes and save valuable time. Listen now!Click to Tweet

Transforming Recruitment Processes through Bespoke Solutions

Chris Murdock: I often joke about recruiters being inherently lazy. We're not; we just want to be efficient with our time because we only have so much time. We're efficiency experts, and because we have this much time at some companies, sometimes it gets expanded. But if you've only got 40 or 50 hours to do your job, you cannot manufacture more time.

But you can change how you spend your energy. And if the tools you’re using are making you more efficient, you can then spend more time on the fun stuff. You can spend more time with your candidates and with your hiring managers, doing more strategic recruiting versus data entry.

Leah Daniels: We know my nerdiness. Some people would not get as excited about this as I do, but it is great to be able to solve a tangible problem, right? It's a problem that everyone has, but everyone's problem is different, right?

So it's the same but different. When we think about these solutions, it's not a lock it in, set it, forget it, SaaS solution. It is SaaS software, but there's a percentage of it that's simply bespoke because your process is your process for good reason.

I'm just remembering in my previous lives when I worked for a company where we would come in and tell you what your process needed to be because we were experts and, you know, young and dumb, as they say, as we got older, I've looked at this and went, actually, maybe we actually weren't. We might have known the best process to use for our tools. But it doesn't actually mean it's the best process for that business.

Chris Murdock: Yes.

Leah Daniels: I do think that most of these companies have landed in the process that they're in. Is there an opportunity for improvement? Absolutely. But should it be a wholesale process change? Maybe not. We need to stop forcing companies into new processes to accommodate the tools.

We need to start to figure out how to build the strings between them so that the tools are what they are. I can't say that we can change the viewpoint either, but we can start to build that between, that makes it all work the way the business needs it to work.

Chris Murdock: Yeah. It's running interference.

One of IQTalent’s mantras and one of our core values is adaptability. So, if you look at how we operate today and how we operated six months or three years ago, you wouldn't recognize us.

If we find a tool that makes us more effective, and we adapt to that, and we adapt to the benefits of that tool and to the benefits of whatever changes.

Our clients see it, our sourcers feel it, our recruiters live it because we're, we're wanting, you know, it's not changed for change's sake, but we're adapting to the technology.

We're adapting. We have to adapt to our clients. We have 150 clients. They all do things very differently. We cannot cookie cutter our process, and so we live this what you're building. Technologically we live this, and the thing is, it's not easy, but it's worth it.

Leah Daniels: It is worth it. You said something: which is when you were small, and you adapted, and you got new tools and found the good things in it. And the reality is that's gonna keep happening. And some of those tools you adapted to you will leave because what was great for you when you were small is not as good for you as you've gotten bigger. You have new layers, new processes, and new other things you have to accommodate that maybe you didn't have to before.

Your business matures, and new things have to happen in order to continue to grow and make the business be successful. And that means that adaptability has to persist even in so much as leaving things that you have adapted to previously behind.

I think that's a hard one too for a lot of people, especially as you grew up with the business the whole time, to say goodbye to some of those.

Chris Murdock: And it's okay to change it. It's okay to not like it. But it's also on the business itself to explain why we're changing, why we're adapting, and why things are having to happen.

But I think with what you guys are doing, with what y'all are doing, it's going to make it to where they don't have to adapt away from the tool. You know, if the tool produces great resumes and great candidates, but now you wanna focus on, you wanna create a better experience for the recruiters, the candidates, the hiring managers.

You're making it easier now for internal companies to take all this great information.

As we wrap up our conversation with Leah Daniels, Chief Commercial Officer at JobSync, and IQTalent’s Chris Murdock, one thing is clear: cutting-edge technology is revolutionizing the way recruiters work. No longer do recruiters have to spend countless hours on manual processes that can be done in just a fraction of the time with the right technology.

With the rise of AI, automation, and machine learning, recruiters now have access to tools that can help them identify candidates faster, screen resumes more efficiently, and even automate the interview scheduling process. This not only saves recruiters time but also helps improve the candidate experience, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

But, as Leah Daniels and Chris Murdock both mentioned, it’s important to find the right technology that fits your organization’s needs and processes. It’s not about forcing your existing processes to fit the technology, but rather, finding tools that can enhance and optimize your existing workflows.

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