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Curated by IQTalent: Top 5 Recent Must-Read Articles on the Future of Recruiting

September 20, 2018

The HR tech world is moving and it is moving FAST. Just blink and you are behind on how the latest sourcing and recruiting tools are being implemented. As the talent acquisition industry continues to diversify its sourcing tool arsenal, AI is making major waves. 38% of companies use AI and 62% expect to do so by the end of this year.

From streamlining recruiting tasks to collecting relevant metrics and data to use in hiring, AI is flipping the talent acquisition game on its head. So, we’ve curated a short list of articles that are blunt about the future of talent acquisition to keep you up to speed and ready for what’s to come.

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1. Welcome To The Age Of Recruiting Automation -- by Jon Bischke via Forbes

Jon Bischke quotes the CIO of The Wall Street Journal, “Business as usual doesn’t exist anymore.” In this article, Jon removes the sensationalism from artificial intelligence and assures the reader that AI is the future, and it is not leaving any time soon. He lays out each aspect of a recruiter’s job that will be taken over by AI, how long that process takes and what the recruiter can use with this valuable free time. Plus, he has the stats to back it up.

2. 10 Game-Changing Modern Recruiting Techniques To Try Out -- by Alastair Brown via Digital HR Tech

AI aside, Alastair goes into the other modern recruiting techniques that are not the top HR technology on people’s minds. The use of Virtual Reality to engage candidates has been silently growing, but not getting much press. Alistair says, “Many brands are trying out distinctive experiences to shake up their hiring process — online store Jet, for instance, offers a VR demonstration of its business culture. Candidates can access this remotely from anywhere in the world to see what’s in store for them, should they choose to work there.” This is one technique to keep an eye on.

3. Four Recruiting Trends Prove This Digital Practice Is Archaic -- by Jeff Mills via Digitalist Magazine

Talk about a bold title for an article. Everyone in the HR space is talking about artificial intelligence, chatbots, blind recruiting and so on. In this article, Jeff Mills makes a statement that not many people are mentioning. The benefits of all this new technology are obvious. But, if you are shifting your practices to rely so heavily on the technology - you are not going to attract and retain top talent. You must reevaluate the roles of the people on your recruiting team to fully get the value of the data you are receiving from AI.

4. How AI is Moving Recruitment and HR into the Future -- by Ed Donner via CEOworld Magazine

In this article, Ed starts by pointing out the obvious: the way we have been recruiting simply does not work as well as it should. Once that bold statement is out of the way, he goes on to detail the intricacies of artificial intelligence and how both organizations and candidates will benefit from it. From automated vetting, reduction in bias and extreme increases in internal mobility - this article is the perfect glimpse into what will soon be the norm.

5. The Future of Recruiting Won't Have Any Resumes, and Two More Predictions From an Expert -- by Samantha McLaren via LinkedIn

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, but Samanda McLaren covers two aspects of the future of talent acquisition that you do not hear much about: the disappearance of resumes and the value of LQ (learning quotient). The article describes it as, “Their ability to come into new situations, learn and adapt. It’s basically being able to learn, unlearn, relearn—with a smile on your face.” As for resumes? This article predicts they will completely be a thing of the past because the information will already be out there.

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