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Tips for Candidate Sourcing and Outreach on Social Media

February 2, 2023

Recruiting for those tricky-to-reach candidates in certain industries can be difficult. When the email drip campaign, the cold calls, the texts, and the LinkedIn messages all fail - how can we reach those diamond candidates?

We see more job advertisements on platforms like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram every day. If those are the places where candidates are increasingly seeing job opportunities, why not meet them where they are?

We live in a digital age where candidates may not be checking places like LinkedIn and Indeed every day - hear from IQTalent’s own Alyssa Knowles as she breaks down why recruiters should be sourcing on social media and some best practices to follow:Click to Tweet

Why Should We Be Sourcing on Social Media Platforms?

We live in a digital age where candidates may not be checking places like LinkedIn and Indeed every day. Some people may have these profiles but do not use them due to the nature of their profession. 

However, most people keep social media like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram at their fingertips - this provides easier access to candidates and a way to message them that almost guarantees to get their eyes on the message. 

Social media also requires things like a valid email and phone number to log in or validate accounts. If we want to stay the traditional route with phone numbers and emails, these social media profiles will provide information that a candidate has to keep up-to-date to keep access to those digital platforms. Some people may provide links to personal blogs/contact emails in their bios. Scraping tools like the ones we use for LinkedIn can be a helpful addition to our toolbelt.

Social media platforms have become proxy-professional platforms. Business transactions happen every day on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Companies need social media to promote their product/brand. The people who are following the account could be the very people we're trying to target - whether it be a viable candidate and member of the industry OR a client that we wish to bring into the business.

Social media is all connected. Meta is the parent company of both Facebook and Instagram. Any picture posted on Instagram can be instantly shared on Facebook and vice versa. Likewise, any video posted on TikTok can be simultaneously posted to Instagram. That ability requires the user to provide login information to sync accounts. This also means that we can see the usernames of their other account via the watermark label on posts. Access to one may mean access to all.

The Data:

Considering 73% of job seekers ages 18-34 found their last job through social media, it’s no surprise that social media is quickly becoming a powerful tool for sourcing. See more from @IQTalent:Click to Tweet

Instagram Follower Export How To:

  • Locate the client's Instagram page and pull it up in a separate tab. 
  • Copy the page URL.
  • Download the "IG Follower Export" Chrome Extension (it has to be Google Chrome). 
  • Return to the Instagram page and click on the IG Follower Export extension. 
  • A window will pop up asking for which followers you would like to export. Click the option that asks for the profile URL. 
  • Click go! A separate tab will open, and begin downloading the profiles that follow that account. 
  • IMPORTANT: Both tabs must remain open when information is being loaded. 
  • Press CTRL + P to "print" the information, and click the option to "Save as PDF" in the printer drop-down list. 
  • Save the PDF!

The Catch:

The download can take a LONG time if the account has thousands of followers. Be prepared to wait.

Followers do not always equate to candidates. Be sure to know who you're targeting and cross-reference with your other sourcing efforts. This is just another method to get in contact with candidates! 

You may need to use a separate social media profile to do the export if you wish to use something other than your own personal profile. Use a client email or your personal, professional email to set up the account and do the export. 

This means that you'll be able to conduct all client-related outreach from that profile. If using a client email to set up the account, you will lose access when you come off the engagement. If this is a profile you would like to use for professional purposes for multiple engagements, be sure to maintain a way to verify your account outside of the client's email. 

These profiles can also be a great way to advertise your success as a recruiter while promoting the companies you've worked with!

Staying ahead of the curve by understanding trends in sourcing, like the prevalence of social media in today’s hiring climate, presents you with the opportunity to find, secure, and retain top talent more strategically than your competitors.

At IQTalent, we’re experts at navigating where sourcing and engagement collide. See how we can work with your team to build lasting relationships with candidates, no matter where they’re sourced from. We find the right talent for the right clients faster and with a better fit. Get started with IQTalent today

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