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How To Win Top Talent In Today’s Hiring Climate

November 18, 2021

This article on trends with hiring and recruitment was originally published in December of 2019. All relevant material has been updated as of November 2021.

While hiring and recruiting tactics are always evolving, the lasting impacts of the ongoing pandemic have transformed the industry we think we know so well. Today’s most progressive organizations are prepping for these shifts by reading up on trends and planning accordingly. While no one can be certain about the next big thing in talent acquisition, we certainly have our predictions at IQTalent Partners. These are our top predictions for the state of hiring and recruiting as we approach the new year.

Prediction: Going To Where The Candidates Are Looking

And where are candidates looking? Likely, their smartphones. In recent months, recruiters and sourcers have begun to understand the power of mobile recruiting. An estimated 85% of Americans own a smartphone. What’s more, an estimated 72.6% of internet users will exclusively access the internet through a smartphone in just 3 years.

Our phones are deeply embedded in our lives and everything we do. People are on their phones for a significant portion of their days, so it makes sense that the hunt for jobs and great candidates would gravitate toward our most-used tech. We saw a shift with where we look to date, bank, and get from point A to point B. The job hunt was sure to be next!

#Recruiting will always have the same foundation. It’s all about making meaningful human connections with people that will have a positive effect on your organization. @IQTalent Partners breaks down what that looks like in our future of work:Click to Tweet

But, this shift hasn’t been easy, and it seems there’s confusion about what mobile job search should look like. Despite more mobile job seekers, the application process has become significantly more difficult for applicants. On average, mobile job seekers successfully complete 53% fewer applications and take 80% longer to complete each application, hindering those who rely on their smartphones for job hunting. In the new year, consider investing in a simple application process, so that you don’t drive away potentially strong candidates with a lengthy and complex job application. While you adjust your job application process, also take a moment to evaluate and update your job descriptions. Be sure your description presents an accurate picture of what working at your organization is like, so job seekers are not left blindsided.

Tip: Offer a truly mobile experience on your job site to keep high-quality candidates’ interest and remove application frustration. Deploying a chatbot is a great start.

Prediction: Culture Rules All

“Good culture” is no longer a nice-to-have. Candidates are no longer willing to settle for the toxic culture so many employers are ignoring. We know that company culture impacts your ability to recruit and retain top talent. But did you know companies with strong employer brands cut their cost per hire by as much as half? Overall, companies with more healthy cultures tend to perform better financially, attract talent more easily and have more satisfied customers.

Part of creating a great culture at your workplace is taking an active interest in building out a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company. Today’s job seekers want to know that their employer is dedicated to creating a fair workplace, and there are many ways you can do that. For starters, you can look to hire underrepresented populations in your workplace. With tools like Diversify by IQTX, you can curate an inclusive list of talented individuals that will help to promote and enhance the diversity of your organization. Our expert sourcers help you build out your talent pool so you can be sure you are hiring the right people in a fair, equitable way.

Tip: If you’re not sure about the state of your culture, create anonymous surveys to get a grasp. No one knows your culture more than the employees! Companies like Culture Amp and Quantum Workplace offer surveys that ask the right questions.

After you get a pulse of your company culture, it’s time to pinpoint where your organizational culture is lacking and what you can actually do about it. Forget about the flashy perks like ping pong tables and happy hours (although these don’t hurt!), and focus on the bread and butter of your culture. Always remember that the biggest drivers of employee satisfaction are high-quality leadership, a clear mission, and growth opportunities.

Prediction: Augmenting & Outsourcing

Tech is more ingrained in our day-to-day than ever — resulting in the craving for meaningful human interactions. And with the growing gig economy, outsourcing the less-exciting business operations is easier than ever. We predict a growing trend of hiring managers and recruiters adjusting their industry to focus on creating meaningful connections with candidates and employees. This means augmenting and outsourcing so you can focus on finding and retaining talent.

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It’s time for hiring managers to prepare for the outsourcing or automation of more HR functions to experts you can trust. These are the HR functions you should consider outsourcing or automating:

Sourcing & Recruitment

With the rise of mobile recruiting and application submission, many recruiters are left with a stack of hundreds of applications for any given position. Scanning for keywords and checking off boxes to verify if the candidate is qualified is simply a poor use of time when you can utilize professional firms and tech. Ditch your traditional processes and instead invest in a sourcing and recruitment partner that can find the top talent for you. Instead, spend your time interacting with candidates, building rapport, and ensuring you hire the right person for your role.


Limit access to confidential information and give your employees user-friendly platforms. Payroll services often manage tax filings, direct deposits, 401k plans, and more.


Compliance laws change often, and meeting the diverse needs of all staff can be tricky. Find a service you can work closely with to ensure you’re getting what you expect, but allow someone else to do the heavy lifting. Additionally, find a service that rethinks employee benefits in our modern age. The benefits that employees crave now are not the same as before. Focus on providing support in areas like mental health, childcare, home office expenses (if your team is working remotely), and flexible work schedules. Make sure that you are providing your employees with the benefits they need to keep your best workers retained.

All in all, recruiting will continue to have the same foundation it’s always had. It is still all about making meaningful human connections with people that will have a positive effect on your organization. With a little foresight, you can make that happen in the context of any year with the right priorities, tech, and help from experts to leverage when you need it.

Need a competitive edge in this competitive hiring market? IQTalent Partners uses the newest AI and automation innovations to find, scout, and source interested, qualified candidates. Reach out and let the experts at IQTalent start researching qualified candidates for you today.

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