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3 Points to Consider Before Using On-Demand Recruiters

May 4, 2018

When business starts to scale faster than you and your teams can handle, what do you do? Do you panic, hire anyone who is interested and hope your training program takes care of the rest? Do you outsource recruitment? When you’re down on the ground searching for solutions that will actually help instead of hurt, finding the best answer seems impossible. Take a step back and evaluate your timeline and hiring needs to see if an augmented recruitment service will help your team man the helm.

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1. Identify Your Hiring Timeline

You could have the world’s top performing recruitment and sourcing team, but when there’s too much sourcing and background checking hogging all your team’s time, the candidate experience and vital introductory stages will suffer. In fact, 15% of job seekers put forth more effort in their new position and after the hiring process if they had a positive candidate experience.

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You’ve decided you don’t have time or resources to source, onboard and train a new crew of recruiters, so outsourcing is your next step - especially since the average time to fill is 42 days.

Do you need RPO recruiting or an executive search firm? Are you looking for something with a little more oomph? RPOs and executive headhunters have proven themselves effective in a time crunch, but the IQTalent difference is worth considering. We fully onboard ourselves onto your team (in under two weeks!) to fully understand your organization’s unique hiring needs. We also give you all the sourced candidate data we pulled in our tenure at the end of your contract, plus allow teams to access our partnered ATS, data analytics and discovery and video interviewing tools.

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2. Evaluate Your Talent Needs

You’ve come to terms with hiring an augmented recruitment team, now it’s time to prepare for them. Think about what processes (besides sourcing and hiring) you’re looking to fill, what skills are missing from your organization and what specific job roles you need to fill. These are the types of things your augmented recruitment service team will need to know before they hit the ground running. This is also helpful in attracting the right candidates - 72% of hiring managers think they’re providing clear job descriptions when only 36% of candidates say the same. Speed up the process by creating short candidate personas identifying your ideal candidate.

The Core Basics of Building Your Candidate Personas:

  • Job titles: Every company has a different definition for their job titles, so clearly identify the position titles you’re looking to fill. (Preferably, choose SEO and job board friendly titles that will be more likely to be searched. i.e. Marketing Director vs. Marketing Ninja).
  • Target demographic: Identify age range and skill levels, where they’re located, if they’re remote or local and expected salary for the positions.
  • Required skills: Different than your nice-to-haves, these are the skills you want your augmented team to absolutely, no negotiations, find in each candidate they source. Identifying solid criteria for what it takes to get the job done vs. what skills could be useful in later developments of the candidate’s career with you will greatly help narrow down the search.
  • Educational qualifications and certifications: This largely depends on the type of career you’re looking to fill and the industry you’re in. Think about specific educational backgrounds that are either necessary or vital to have as an employee in this role.
  • Soft skills: What drives this employee to excel? What makes them tick, what circumstances can’t they work under and how flexible are they? Consider your company values during this stage in the persona building. Identify what traits will work best for your company’s general working conditions and what common traits tend to sink.

58% of recruiters wish they could automate arranging interviews with candidates

When sourcing and recruitment professionals like IQTalent are presented with a solid profile to look for, they can cut down on their time to source and use unique sourcing processes that speak specifically to your candidate.

3. Think About Why You Want to Hire On-Demand

64% of organizations say they hired on-demand employees to incorporate workplace flexibility. Think in terms of providing your long-term employees with the ability to be flexible enough with their time to expand onto tasks and projects they wish they could pursue, but never have time for. Recruiters often spend one entire work day a week on administrative tasks, taking their attention away from the personal touches that really matter to the hiring process.

In addition:

  • 58% of recruiters wish they could automate arranging interviews with candidates.
  • 47% want to automate reviewing CVs and applications.
  • 44% report searching for candidates takes up most of their time.

When you have a fast-acting sourcing team to help do all the research, think about all the candidate-focused tactics your teams could really focus on. They could be getting to know your candidates and making those first few introductions count in the long-run.

In fact…

  • 87% of talent said a positive interview experience can change their mind about a role they once weren’t sure about or possibly doubted.
  • 60% of job seekers have quit an application process due to complexity.
  • 80% of job seekers say they would be discouraged to consider other relevant openings at a company if the recruiters failed to notify them of their application status (think about filling your talent pool with candidates sourced by your augmented recruitment team).
  • Talent is 4 times more likely to consider your company for future opportunities if provided with constructive feedback.

Having a robust team of sourcers to take care of administrative tasks gives your recruitment team time to actually focus on these small, but crucial, areas of the hiring process.

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