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David Windley Named To Savoy Magazine’s 2021 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors

November 3, 2021

By: IQTalent

David Windley, President of IQTalent Partners and a member of the Caldwell Partners board, has been named to Savoy Magazine’s 2021 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors list.

Each year, Savoy Magazine compiles a list of powerful and influential African American board members. This list represents workplace executives, influencers, achievers, and dreamers that not only inspire those around them but also actively contribute to the executive boards of some of the world’s leading organizations.

This list of incredible and inspirational Black leaders focuses on the many contributions diverse executives have made to corporate boards across a variety of industries.

@IQTalent is proud to announce that IQTP’s President, David Windley, was named one of Savoy’s 2021 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors! With a passion for #diversity and high-quality #CandidateSourcing, David helps lead our team to success:Click to Tweet

About David Windley

David serves as President of IQTalent Partners, where his oversight and expertise work to mold the strategic direction of IQTP’s growth and development as well as day-to-day operations. When he isn’t actively defining the benefits of an on-demand recruiting partner, David sits on Caldwell Partners’ Board of Directors. After Caldwell’s merger with IQTalent Partners in December of 2020, David was named to the publicly held company’s corporate board in February 2021.

“We congratulate David on being named to this prestigious listing of executives. David’s recognition for his executive and business leadership amongst this outstanding group is truly well-deserved, and we couldn’t be prouder.”

– John Wallace, Chief Executive Officer of Caldwell Partners

Before joining the IQTalent Partners team, David served as Chief Human Resources Officer at Yahoo! and Fusion-io. Prior to these positions, he gained experience in human resources and human capital management through holding executive HR positions at Microsoft, Intuit, and Silicon Graphics Inc. He also served as the Board Chair for the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) through 2020.

David is a member of several additional executive boards.  He acts as the Compensation Committee Chair of the Tennant Company Board of Directors and also sits on the Board of Directors for DHI Group. Finally, David is recognized as a Governance Fellow with the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD). David is sought after as a leader due to his extensive experience in providing solutions to modern recruitment challenges, including the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

“With more than three decades of outstanding success in leading corporate talent divisions and companies, David’s deep experience as a leader in the talent acquisition and human resources field has been invaluable to us in this exciting new era of transformational growth for Caldwell and IQTalent Partners.”

– John Wallace, Chief Executive Officer of Caldwell Partners

A Focus On Diversity

Building a strong, diverse team is crucial for modern-day workplaces. IQTalent Partners emphasizes an inclusive culture in their own office and when they recruit for their clients.  Research has proven diverse teams are more effective and generate more revenue than those that are more monolithic, and David Windley has put that philosophy into action.

David Windley, President of @IQTalent was named to Savoy’s 2021 Most Influential Black Corporate Directors list! Our team is proud to have an incredible #leader focused on improving #diversity in our workplaces.Click to Tweet

David led the development of IQTalent Partners’ latest innovation, Diversify by IQTX. Often, it can be difficult for recruiters to build a diverse candidate pipeline, particularly when talent is scarce and the market is flush with competition. In these times, recruiters need the help of candidate sourcing experts who can find qualified passive candidates using an inclusive database of over 300 million professionals.

The talent exchange platform that supports Diversify by IQTX, IQTalent Xchange, removes the research burden from busy recruiting teams and manages the tedious candidate research for its clients.  Advanced AI  alongside IQTX experienced researchers curate an inclusive list of highly qualified, highly talented candidates, complete with contact information, so recruiters can focus on building relationships with candidates. It’s like having a team of researchers at your fingertips.

To learn more about how IQTalent Xchange can help you source and hire a skilled, diverse team, reach out to our experts today.

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