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IQTP volunteers with World Relief Nashville

March 2, 2016


NERDs meet with REACH members Associates Jessica Wills, Francine Levin, and Alex Barron meet with new citizens for a networking workshop with World Relief Nashville.



Several volunteers from IQTalent Partners spent the evening of Thursday, January 28th working with REACH of World Relief Nashville. World Relief seeks to address the unfortunate reality that many refugees are underemployed-- working in jobs that do not fully utilize their career training from their previous countries. Through a series of workshops that focus on acquainting participants with professional norms and culture in the United States, such as LinkedIn seminars, resume critiques, and general networking practice-- REACH seeks to help our newest citizens find their place in an industry and the greater community.


Judson and Chelsea network with REACH workshop attendee NERDs Judson Lancina and Chelsea Lord with Tolga Tem, a composer.


IQTalent Partners coordinated with REACH representatives Tara Houston and Hamp Price in order to host a networking workshop. Price directed participants to move past the standard networking questions of “where are you from?” and “what do you do?” instead encouraging  participants to delve deeper and make stronger connections. Instead he suggested people talk about the history of their names,  or their hobbies outside of work. The response from Associates who participated was overwhelmingly positive-- nearly everyone said that they enjoyed getting to know new people and hearing about their backgrounds.

Associate Kirby Arloff, hit it off talking about her art therapy background with Mina Nazan Tem, a TV producer and marbling artist from Turkey. Arloff said she plans to try and attend an art demonstration by Nazan Tem in the near future.


NERDs engage with REACH members NERDs Alex Barron and Francine Levin chat with Reem Osman, a planning engineer involved with REACH.


By the end of the evening, some associates, like Alex Barron, were planning on introducing participants to connections she had from previous jobs and the community.

“As recruiters, we really have an ingrained need to help people find the best jobs” Barron mentioned, emphasizing that she hopes that the introductions could lead to professional opportunities in the future.

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