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Nashville Hiring

How IQTalent Partners Is Helping Displaced Workers

March 24, 2020

By: IQTalent

IQTalent Partners offers free job search and job counseling assistance to workers displaced due to the Nashville tornadoes or the Coronavirus.


Note: Assistance through the Recruiting Relief site was offered from March - December 2020. It is no longer a live resource.


Nashville, TN – March 13, 2020 - IQTalent Partners, Inc., a talent acquisition professional services firm, announced it has launched a website and will be making volunteers available to assist fellow Nashvillians who are temporarily out of work due to the recent tornadoes or the ongoing health crisis. The firm is offering to support, at no charge, displaced workers with job searches, resume creation, interview preparation and in identifying open career opportunities.

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“We realized that we have the ability to help those in our community who have been adversely affected by the tornadoes and the virus,” said Dustin Evans, a veteran recruiter at the firm. “While we may not be able to put a roof over people’s heads or rebuild the foundation of these local businesses, what we can do is get these people back on their path to employment.”


The company has created a landing page to collect basic information from those in need, sign up volunteers, and answer general questions. The firm expects to hear from those who work in hospitality and healthcare primarily, but it is prepared to help all displaced individuals find work.


IQTalent Partners co-founder and Vanderbilt graduate, Chris Murdock, said, “I am extremely proud of these employees for creating this initiative. We have an internal employee-driven group that we call the ‘NERDnitiative’ who proactively finds ways to help our local Nashville community on a regular basis. They saw a need where they had the specific skillset to create a solution, and they just did it!”


People are encouraged to visit http://recruitrelief.org and fill out the online form in order to receive the free assistance. The firm has dozens of expert volunteers who will reach out to each person individually.


Note: Assistance through the Recruiting Relief site was offered from March - December 2020. It is no longer a live resource.

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