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Nashville Chris Murdock

Why This Executive Team is Leaving Silicon Valley for Nashville, Tennessee

April 30, 2018

By: IQTalent

When you think about the growth of your company, moving away from Silicon Valley seems kind of like the opposite direction you’d want to go…doesn’t it?

Not for IQTalent Partners. In fact, we just announced this as our next step in the growth process. This April 2018, we’re moving Chris Murdock, our Senior Partner from Silicon Valley to our Nashville office after six years of proven business growth.

This will be the first year the South branch will ever have an executive leader from the IQTalent Exec board in the office. Established in 2012, the Nashville branch started with just one employee, working to help the tech community in the South expand. In just six years of business, our company size has doubled with up to 100 employees. This kind of rapid growth has brought our company incredible opportunities in the talent acquisition space.

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We couldn’t have made any of this incredible business expansion happen if it weren’t for our robust company culture, and the talent we sourced to build our mighty team in Nashville.

Two-thirds of businesses say innovation is a crucial element to a surviving and thriving business, yet fewer than a third say they are innovating successfully to drive growth and increase revenue. If your business’ clientele is expanding like the universe, but you’re worried you’re unprepared to keep up with the growth status, take a look at how IQTalent helps companies build their teams while scaling their business at the same time, just like we did in Nashville.

Create some extra growth magic with these 3 steps…

Adopt an In-House Recruitment Team

Sometimes it feels like your business is expanding faster than you can recruit, so much so, you need to onboard even more recruiters just to keep pace. Before you burn out your existing talent acquisition teams, consider the relief you’d feel if you had a little extra help for just three months while you get through the next growth spurt.

IQTalent Partners acts as an extension of your team. First, we get to know your business and culture and work closely with your recruitment team and executives to learn the intricacies of every job title you wish to fill in the coming weeks. Our robust onboarding process takes roughly two weeks before we head into the research stage, which takes on average of 30 days to vet quality candidates. (The average time to fill is roughly 42 days.)

The IQTalent Difference: Unlike many RPOs, IQTalent Partners allows you to keep ownership of any or all candidate research we conduct in our tenure with your team.

Read more about hiring an executive search firm to avoid internal recruitment team burnout.

Expand & Educate Your Talent Acquisition Teams

If you do not already have a recruitment team or in-house model in place, IQTalent’s experts will work to educate and lead you through the building process. This gives you a competitive advantage with a newly built, custom recruitment process in place for current and future efforts during each growth spurt.

Some of the top challenges for organizations without an in-house recruitment model are getting executive buy-in to build one, building the staff confidence, creating a new culture for the in-house environment and fully integrating the recruitment function into the business. IQTalent Partners uses over 20 years of experience to educate and guide your recruitment team through the building process of your custom in-house model. Each organization’s in-house model must align with your unique company values and employer brand.

Our executives get to know your teams, what drives them and what keeps your executives up at night to help build candidate personas, which will help recruiters understand and drive employer branding messaging to attract candidates who can speak to your brand. This model doesn’t stop with the recruitment team, but must be educated and integrated throughout each team member of the company. 39% of women say the reputation or brand of the company is “very important” to them when considering a job move.

Learn more about how IQTalent Partners can help educate your teams through the building process of your in-house recruitment model.

Leverage Expert Knowledge Base & Resources

You have your in-house model in place, you have all the recruiters you need, but you’re not able to find quality candidates that can fill your job requirements. This is not uncommon. Being unable to find suitable candidates (63%) and the candidates not responding to calls or emails (47%), are the primary barriers to hiring according to recruiters.

How can you achieve hiring success?

IQTalent Partners’ team helps organizations remove the bulk of the candidate sourcing and vetting so you can work on the actual candidate engagement aspects of hiring. Never underestimate the power of a quality candidate experience strategy. Nearly four in five candidates say the overall candidate experience they receive from a company is a large indicator of how a company values its people. IQTalent’s leadership team has built world-class talent acquisition organizations at Fortune 500 companies and developed sourcing and research practices at leading search firms.

Allow us to work the research side of recruiting while your team fuels the candidate experience side. As a partner of IQTalent, you have access to our ATS and video interviewing tools to get the job done in an efficient manner.

IQTalent Partners is the stop, drop and source team organizations can rely on for finding fast, quality candidates, so your team can work on making those first few personal connections with talent. Ready to take your sourcing and hiring seriously? Reach out to our team to hear more about our executive search services.


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