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The Evolution of the Candidate Selection Process: Diamond Recruiting [Infographic]

October 31, 2018

Experts have been saying that the marketing funnel is dead. When it comes to recruiting, sourcing and talent acquisition, we couldn’t agree more. You need a new candidate selection process. We prefer to view the process as a diamond, because like Aladdin we, as recruiters, are looking for “diamonds in the rough,” AKA the best candidates. Diamonds are a recruiter’s best friend. And, an incredibly efficient candidate selection process when it comes to getting the best talent. Why? Because we’re all constantly searching for the next shining candidate to bring the company to the next level.

But recruiting and sourcing aren’t like a Disney movie, we don’t all marry our prince or princess and ride off into the finite sunset for our happily ever after. There’s no post-credits sing-along with all our talking animal friends before the story fades to black. This is because recruiting is a continuous and arduous process that is constantly changing, and like the recently deceased funnel, the way we source and acquire talent changes as time goes on.

The #recruiting funnel is dead! Diamond Recruiting is the only way to get the #candidates who will fit best in your organization. Learn more in the infographic by @IQTalentClick to Tweet

Check out this infographic to see how the Diamond Recruiting process works better than the old ways.



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