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DEI In the Workplace Statistics: 2022 In Review

November 17, 2022

By: IQTalent

We’ve seen a necessary and notable increase in focus on DEI in the workplace, especially over the last two years. Organizations worldwide are looking to increase diversity and prove that their dedication to DEI is authentic, measurable, and meaningful. As 2022 comes to an end, diversity, equity, and inclusion measures for the workplace are being assessed, and the subsequent statistics are both fascinating and enlightening. 

Keep reading to see the current state of DEI in the workplace as of 2022. In the statistics collected, we analyze some progress made as well as pinpoint some areas where growth is still very much needed.

What is the state of DEI in the workplace as of 2022? Take a look at IQTalent’s roundup blog highlighting some of the most enlightening diversity in the workplace statistics as 2022 comes to an end:Click to Tweet

DEI In The Workplace Statistics for 2022

Implementing DEI in the workplace is more than just setting goals. Diversity, equity, and inclusion aim to help your diverse employees feel comfortable and valued while being wholly themselves while also shedding light on inequalities marginalized identities have to combat. 

Here are some of the most interesting statistics referencing organizational progress toward prioritizing DEI.

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  • In one survey, 44% of women respondents said they have decided against pursuing or accepting a position due to the belief that the organization wouldn’t be inclusive.
  • Diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets. 
  • 41% of managers cite “being too busy” as a reason to avoid implementing any kind of diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • 79% of companies planned to raise their DEI budget in 2022.
  • 58% of DEI leaders said their CEO and/or executive management team are involved in decisions to endorse and advance DEI, yet only 13% of those senior leaders are proactive and visible in demonstrating their support.

DEI in the Workplace Statistics About Marginalized Identities

On the flip side of the DEI coin, we have the people most powerfully impacted by diversity initiatives: diverse individuals. In just the last five years, we are seeing a gigantic increase in the desire for diversity within an organization. Job seekers want it, current employees want it, and even most DEI managers do what they can to ensure it’s a priority. However, there’s still a lot of progress to be made when it comes to amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals and providing true equity in the workplace.

We are seeing a gigantic increase in the desire for diversity within an organization. Job seekers want it, current employees want it, and even most DEI managers do what they can to ensure it’s a priority. See more about the state of #DEI in 2022 in @IQTalent’s blog:Click to Tweet

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  • 89% of people surveyed want their organization to be inclusive to those with intellectual disabilities.
  • The Gallup Center on Black Voices found that only 13% of Black women strongly agree they have access to good jobs in their community.
  • In the United States, 45.5% of LGBT workers have experienced, at some point in their careers, some form of unfair treatment at work, including harassment, being fired, or facing hiring discrimination based on their sexuality.
  • Generation Z is the most racially diverse U.S. generation, with more than 48% identifying as non-white.
  • By 2025, employees from underrepresented groups are projected to hold 30% of leadership positions.

Compared to previous years, it’s clear that the workforce is making strides toward prioritizing DEI. With something as delicate and necessary as diversity, it’s important to keep tabs on the hard data to keep organizations accountable for the progress they make and ensure marginalized individuals are heard and represented. To ensure your organization is doing what it can to make DEI a priority in 2023 and beyond, find out how Diversify by IQTalent™ can help find underrepresented, qualified candidates.

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