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The Benefits of Leverage Models

February 14, 2018

The benefits of an in-house recruitment model, what are they? How do you know they’re beneficial and how can you build a model while scaling your company? Those are the very same questions IQTalent Partners set out to solve. And what we found out along the way, may surprise you.

Sourcing and recruiting are not simple skills to master. Finding the right people with the right qualifications to fit the right company culture? So many variables and so little time. With the addition of retention and the contingent workforce in the mix, a recruiter’s job is quite literally, never done.

Building an in-house recruitment model can be difficult, particularly for those companies looking to scale or grow quite quickly, because of the ramp time involved. Here’s how to create an in-house recruitment model and leverage outsourced capabilities to make your talent acquisition efforts sing.

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First, take the time to look at outsourced firms

Many, like IQTalent Partners, will create IP while sourcing and recruiting for your company that remains company intellectual property long after the firm is gone. While RPOs may be a little too rich for many mid-sized companies, IQTalent Partners operates from an hourly model so you can scale up, and even more importantly, scale back down when the needs start to slow. Outsourcing can answer the busy executive’s issues from:

  • How to grow quickly without paying an annual recruiter’s salary
  • How to train a new or merged sourcing and recruitment team
  • How to recruit new talent under the company brand
  • How to create a culture of candidate experience and employer brand while outsourcing
  • How to augment an effective recruitment team with resourcing capabilities

Once you’ve evaluated outsourced firms, take a look at the value you expect to receive from each

In some cases, you may get piles of names and contacts from an outsourced sourcing team, but if you don’t have the recruiters and hiring managers to follow through, you may find yourself damaging your employer reputation and paying for contacts you’re not yet ready for. If you decided to engage in recruitment process outsourcing, you may weigh the costs against your annualized talent needs. Executive firms can deliver top quality results to augment your in-house recruitment efforts, but the timeline can be too long for many firms. The best choice is to supplement your internal recruitment team as follows:

Determine where you need the help

If your team is great at closing candidates, allow a firm like IQTalent Partners to supplement their research talents (and keep the pipeline as you grow). If your team is eager to learn but lacking experience, work with a firm like IQTalent Partners to ensure they’re trained in best-in-class sourcing and recruiting techniques. If you need a discrete search for some premiere executive talent done under the banner of your brand, leverage IQTalent Partners to find and hire that person using your employer brand, not their own.

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Select your payment model

If you’re a bootstrapped company and you want value based on hours worked and results, an outsourced model either supporting your in-house team or a team that works on your behalf and delivers candidates as well as IP, might be in your best interest. If your budget shows recruitment peaks and valleys, it’s possible to scale up and down based on months, weeks, even hours.

Firms like IQTalent Partners can help support solid recruitment teams looking to scale, high level searches done on behalf of the company, create pipelines in new regions in advance of openings and so much more. The in-house model is experiencing a renaissance. When combined with support partners like IQTalent Partners, the benefits are obvious.

To learn more about how we can help, give us a call. Our model fits into your plans.

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