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Why You Need To Be Using A Talent Exchange Network

July 1, 2021

By: IQTalent

As many organizations continue to ramp up their hiring efforts, finding tools and resources to lean on for candidate sourcing and research can help you create a competitive advantage over your competitors. The war for talent is sure to be fierce, but there are many ways you can expand your talent pool and engage with the kinds of people you want to work for your company. One such way is to lean on the support of a talent exchange network. Talent exchange networks help to take your recruiting strategies to the next level by offering you unprecedented access to pools of qualified, talented candidates. Below we highlight some of the key benefits of using talent exchange networks alongside your existing recruiting strategies.

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Greater Access To Passive Candidates


Passive candidates, those who are not actively seeking a new role,  make up the majority of the workforce. Forbes estimates that 70% of the global workforce classify themselves as passive candidates. This means that in order to source and hire the best applicant, recruiters need to have strategies and tools in place to engage with and attract these passive candidates. IQTX helps to mend the gap between organizations and passive candidates. With a network of over 300 million working professionals, the IQTalent Xchange platform easily sources passive candidates and quickly curates a list of the best people for your open roles. This gives you unprecedented access to a catalog of individuals you previously hadn’t been able to find or engage.


We Take the Stress Off Your Shoulders


IQTX is built to make talent acquisition affordable, simple, and effective for organizations of all sizes. One trouble that many recruiters face is becoming quickly overwhelmed by the number of applications, interviews, and conversations they have with candidates. Luckily, our platform is designed to help alleviate some of these stressors.


“They adapted to my needs and delivered quality results. We'll continue to utilize IQTX for quick, reliable support at any point of a search project. They are a fantastic partner to help support our research needs while building our candidate pipeline.”

— Tara Gallone, Head of Talent Acquisition


When you utilize IQTalent Xchange, we take the passive candidate research off your plate, leaving you more time to build rapport and interact with qualified candidates. One part of IQTX that many recruiters and hiring managers find the most useful is its advanced candidate research capabilities. With access to over 300 million candidates, IQTX will deliver a complete research project in 3 to 5 business days, providing you candidate profiles, curated and ranked lists of experienced passive candidates, and all of the data you need for candidate outreach.


What’s more, IQTX can help you reduce the amount of time you spend interacting with unqualified candidates, ensuring you engage with only the most qualified talent who would be a great fit for your role. Our advanced AI and team of experts work to find the best passive candidates on the market.

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On-Demand For When You Need It


IQTalent Xchange works as an on-demand software service. With the ability to purchase a discounted bundle of research projects, you can utilize these projects at any time at any point in the candidate pipeline process. Purchase 3 research projects and utilize them for three totally different roles over the course of a year.  The IQTX dashboard is always available when you need it, and the previous research is always accessible.


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Finding qualified talent for your organization doesn’t need to be an overwhelming or excessively time-consuming process. With the right strategies in place and the support of a talent exchange network, your recruiters can quickly source a list of highly qualified talent. To learn more about how our IQTalent Xchange platform can be used to research passive candidates, schedule a demo. Get started today and embrace the future of talent exchange.

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