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On-Demand Recruiting recruitment

4 Talking Points to Get Executive Buy-In for On-Demand Recruiting

April 28, 2022

Sometimes the most challenging aspect of embracing and implementing new partnerships or tools isn’t the research stage; it’s the approval stage.

Upper-level executives are often cautious of investing in new resources or third-party partners, as they want to be certain the ROI is worth the cost upfront. At IQTP, we understand the caution. Your budget is limited, and you want to know that your money is well-spent. But, the benefits that can be seen from engaging on an on-demand recruitment partner far outweigh the associated risks.

Today, we’re tackling the executive buy-in barrier head-on by arming you with 4 key talking points that can help you win over the execs and secure the budget for an on-demand partner.

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Demonstrate the Added Value in Knowledge

One of the greatest benefits of tapping into an on-demand recruiting partner is the added influx of knowledge you can immediately rely on. Each industry is unique in its needs, jargon, and recruitment approaches, and tweaking your strategy each time you need a new employee is difficult and time-consuming.

With an on-demand partner like IQTalent Partners, you can delegate that task to our team since we’re full of insights into any industry you might encounter. With special knowledge on how to tackle recruiting for challenging and competitive sectors like Entertainment and Gaming, or expert advice for attracting and engaging fresh talent for Startups, you can be sure that with IQTP, you’ll have a well-thought-out and implemented strategy giving you a leg up on the competition.

For startups, an on-demand partner can be your lifeline. See why startups should rely on on-demand recruitment for finding and filling their open roles.

Highlight the Time and Cost-Saving Measures

With a traditional Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) approach, your organization often pays larger fees on a recurring basis, even if you aren’t actively recruiting for an open role. Even worse, if you decide to shift gears and change your focus during the process, there are even more hidden costs and barriers to finding and securing great talent. If you’re dealing with a restricted budget, you need to be certain your investment is reaping the rewards you expected. That’s what an on-demand recruiting partner is all about — leveraging your time, money, and resources to find you the exact candidate you need, time and time again.

It’s easy to talk about how much time and money our clients have saved by tapping into our talent pools and expert recruiters to find quality candidates quickly, but we believe that the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 60 Days — at IQTP, we pride ourselves on finding and filling open roles with top talent in less than 60 days.
  • Team of Experts — our team of knowledgeable recruiters spans over a dozen industries, placing candidates across 5 continents.
  • 700+ Million — the number of candidates and qualified passive candidates within our IQTX marketplace.

IQTP isn’t just about saving you time and money upfront by quickly delivering a qualified candidates list. The actual savings are realized when you hire incredible candidates the first time around, rather than dealing with continuously hiring lackluster talent.

Win over your executives and secure the budget you need for an #OnDemandRecriting partner with these 4 talking points:Click to Tweet

Touch on the Expanded Talent Pools

One of the most significant pain points we’re hearing from recruiters and hiring managers today is that there seems to be a lack of talent available and an overwhelming number of organizations fighting for the candidates in the market for new jobs. This shortage of candidates has created a very challenging recruiting space. Roles are often left unfilled for considerable periods, or companies are spending great amounts of time, money, and energy to find and engage with whatever candidates they can find.

But, with the support of an on-demand partner, it is possible to expand your talent pool and reach talent you previously might not have found. IQTP has an expansive database of candidate networks and talent pools waiting for you to draw on.

We’ve been a major player in the on-demand recruiting space for over a decade, meaning we’ve built up relationships and connections with millions of active and passive candidates. Let us help you make the recruitment process easier during this already challenging time. Lean on us to engage and build rapport with a greater number of candidates in a fraction of the time.

Still not convinced? Check out these 10 reasons why you need to invest in on-demand recruiting.

Let Them Know We’re Here for You When You Need Us, Not When You Don’t

Arguably the best aspect of an on-demand recruitment partner is just that — that they’re on-demand and there for you when you need them and not when you don’t.

What exactly does that mean?

Traditional RPOs work on a contract, meaning you’re locked into a price point for their services, whether or not you’re actively searching for a new candidate. That means that you’re tossing money at a service you aren’t even utilizing for a good portion of the time. To us, this just doesn’t make sense.

IQTP believes that you should have the power to use an on-demand recruitment service when you need it and not have to pay for it when you aren’t using it. That’s why we’ve built out a recruiting model that scales with your needs, bills by the hour, and keeps the finance department happy. We understand that every organization has a different budget and different needs. We also understand that sometimes your company needs to hire rapidly to scale with your growth and that other times, your hiring plans slow down or stall completely. Regardless of your needs or where you’re at with your recruitment strategies, IQTP can meet you there and support you towards continued growth and success.

The benefits of relying on an on-demand recruitment partner to help support your candidate sourcing and hiring needs can be seen throughout all levels of your organization. The added time back to your days so you can work strategically, the expanded talent pools to draw on, and the flexible model are only the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about how IQTP can help meet and exceed your hiring expectations, be sure to reach out to our team today.

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