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Don't Ignore These Proven Ways to Transform Your Talent Pipeline

March 9, 2023

This article about talent pipeline transformation was originally published in August 2020 and has been updated to reflect the current talent landscape as of March 2023.

2023 is an exciting time for recruiters to transform their talent pipeline and take their hiring strategies to the next level. With the right tools, companies can optimize their processes for recruiting, sourcing, and screening new hires. 

By streamlining each step of the process and eliminating redundancy, organizations can pick up the pace of their hiring process while ensuring they bring aboard top-notch talent. Utilizing more efficient hiring technologies such as applicant tracking systems and AI-driven recruitment software can help employers save time in sourcing and screening candidates while providing a more dynamic career site experience to prospective employees. 

Automation also helps reduce repetitive and laborious tasks associated with onboarding new hires, freeing up resources so companies can focus on developing key relationships with future candidates. By utilizing innovative recruiting technology and leveraging modern best practices, recruiters in 2023 have the opportunity to revolutionize their talent pipelines—setting themselves on a path toward success and growth.

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It’s not enough to just have your pipeline ready, as many other companies will be in the same position and fighting for the same candidates. These are our tips for talent pipeline transformation you may be ignoring.

1. Pick Up The Pace With Your Sourcing And Screening Processes

Sourcing and screening processes play a vital role in preparing your organization for successful hiring. Streamlining these processes can provide a number of benefits, from eliminating wasted time to improving the candidate experience

By utilizing an automated recruitment workflow, you can quickly identify qualified candidates, efficiently sort through their application materials, and accurately assess their fit for the position(s). This streamlined process allows employers to make faster decisions with more confidence while providing applicants with an enhanced experience that is both efficient and pleasant. 

Plus, streamlining sourcing and screening processes will also result in a reduction of costs associated with onboarding new employees, as well as improved retention rates due to quicker training cycles. 

Streamlining your sourcing and screening processes will lead to better hires, improved efficiency, and greater financial savings - all essential components of any successful recruitment strategy.

Whether you have a little extra time on your hands or are searching for ways to make up for lost time, you can:

  • Prepare pre-written screening questions to send to applicants right after they apply
  • Gather any additional essential information needed to move forward
  • Nail down an effective video screening process
  • Add the above into a streamlined, automated recruitment workflow

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2. Ditch The Application Fluff

Recruiters should rethink their application processes to get rid of any unnecessary or lengthy steps. Not only does it waste the time of potential candidates, but it also results in a decrease in qualified applicants, who are deterred from applying due to the length and complexity of the application. 

Studies have shown that job applications with a low cognitive load and relatively short completion times increase applicant engagement and lead to higher numbers of completed applications. 

More streamlined applications allow recruiters to focus on the most pertinent information regarding experience and skillsets. By removing unnecessary or lengthy steps in the application process, recruiters can ensure they are attracting applicants that are truly qualified while also streamlining their recruitment efforts.

Bonus Content: Use this tool to see if you’re sourcing the number of candidates you need to find the right talent.

3. Don’t Use An Archaic Career Site

Recruiters should seriously consider investing in modern job sites that are mobile-friendly and responsive. Millennials make up the largest portion of the workforce, followed by Gen Z, and both demographics are used to having everything at their fingertips, from hailing a cab to grabbing groceries. If your job site is outdated, it's likely that potential employees may be deterred from applying.

Additionally, over half of all applications are filled out on mobile devices, which means an outdated website could lead to more than just lost interest -- it could lead to lost time as well. Investing in the latest technology will attract millennial talent and streamline the application process with fewer drop-offs and fewer headaches.

Bonus: Feature a video on your career site or candidate portal that shows off your unique culture. Include quick interviews from your current team for authenticity.

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4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff - Automate It

Automating the small, repetitive tasks during the recruiting process can help to free up valuable time that can be spent on higher-value activities. For example, automated scheduling tools and chatbots can respond to initial candidate inquiries and even answer frequently asked questions with minimal effort. 

By automating these mundane tasks, recruiters are able to spend more time building relationships and connecting with potential hires on a deeper level. Automation also ensures a consistent level of quality and accuracy that would otherwise be difficult to maintain manually. Recruiting teams who embrace automation not only become more efficient but are able to develop better relationships with potential candidates as well.

A successful talent pipeline isn't something that happens overnight. It takes careful planning, executed with the help of the right tools. IQTalent offers a unique approach to sourcing and hiring, allowing businesses to quickly and easily find top-tier candidates for their organization.

Take the first step towards building a more powerful talent pipeline today by utilizing IQTalent's innovative recruiting solutions, reach out today.

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