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Is AI The Solution To Hiring Bias (Or The Cause Of It)?

September 29, 2022

As any HR leader knows, recruiting and hiring the best talent is essential to the success of any organization. However, the process of sifting through résumés and conducting interviews can be time-consuming and often biased. Ostensibly, AI solves these problems by providing a fair and efficient way to screen candidates. 

Recently, IQTalent President David Windley discussed whether or not AI eliminates bias or increases it on the Forbes Human Resources Council. Below is an overview of his thoughts. For a full breakdown, read the entire article titled Is AI The Solution To Hiring Bias (Or The Cause Of It)? 

#AI has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and fairness of the #HiringProcess, but it doesn’t come without some skepticism. Learn more about the use of AI to combat hiring bias in David Windley’s blog for @Forbes:Click to Tweet

One of the main advantages of using AI in the hiring process is that it can help to eliminate human biases. For example, if a recruiter or hiring manager has a particular bias for or against a certain university or region of the country, that bias can be eliminated with AI. 

Additionally, AI can quickly screen every applicant for specific requirements, like a four-year college degree or a specific amount of experience. This ensures that every candidate is given an equal and fair look, regardless of the time of day, the stress level of the hiring manager, or any other human factors that could create variants when reviewing résumés.

It’s no secret that investing in both technology and people can help ensure you build the best possible #TalentAcquisition process. Read more about the use of AI in hiring via David Windley’s recent article for @Forbes:Click to Tweet

AI is a remarkable tool, and most employers use it in some parts of the hiring process, but it has limitations. AI may not find the perfect candidate every time or find every possible candidate qualified for your open position. 

Still, it can do these tasks more quickly and efficiently than people can. While AI can be a strategic recruiting tool, it's equally worthwhile having people manage the technology. Investing in both technology and people can help ensure you build the best possible Talent Acquisition process.

To read David Windley’s full article on AI and the hiring process, including legal implications and potential biases, visit the Forbes Human Resources Council.


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