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HR Responsibilities You Should Never Outsource (and 3 You Should)

August 15, 2019

In today’s fast-paced industry and growing gig economy, it’s easier than ever to outsource virtually every element of business operations. For many leaders, it's not so much a question of can this be outsourced, but should this be outsourced? The pros and cons of outsourcing vary by industry and the specific type of outsourcing.

While outsourcing HR duties can take the pressure off of a small in-house team, some responsibilities should stay in-house. Knowing what to keep in-house is the tricky part. Here’s what should and shouldn’t be kept under your own roof.

Outsource: Payroll

This stuff is complicated and should be kept confidential. By outsourcing this HR responsibility, you limit access, keep it out of the office, and leave it to the pros. With so many reliable services, why not? Payroll services are often extremely user-friendly and manage tax filings, direct deposit, 401k plans, and more.

Outsource: Benefits

Negotiating benefits packages each year is time-consuming and confusing. Meeting the diverse needs of employees is tricky, especially with ever-changing compliance laws. Work closely with a service to ensure you’re getting what you expect, but allow someone else to do the heavy lifting.

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Outsource: Recruitment

With the rise of online recruiting and application submission, many recruiters are left with a stack of hundreds of applications for any given position. Scanning for keywords and checking off boxes to verify if the candidate is qualified is simply a poor use of their time.

In a world where there are more job openings than job seekers, that stack of hundreds of applications may very well not have a single qualified candidate. Engaging passive candidates is a must, but it’s time-consuming and requires a specific skill set.

Giving over even partial control of your recruiting process requires a high level of trust. You’re trusting someone who doesn’t yet know your company culture, history, processes, leadership structure, and goals to bring on new employees. That can be stressful.

That’s why IQTalent Partners does things a bit differently. Partnering with IQTalent Partners means we'll dive deep into what makes your company special. Taking the time to get to know our partners ensures that we find a great fit. At IQTalent Partners, we’re teammates, not contractors. Our no-commission, adaptable model allows us to provide quality over quantity. Our flexibility offers you the convenience of a billable hours system where you only pay for the services you need and only when you need them.

Some processes should be kept under your control. Here’s what you should leave to your own expertise:

In-House: New Hire Onboarding

Aside from standard compliance processes, your internal onboarding process should be unique to your organization. After the necessary forms and trainings, onboard your new hires with a process that makes sense for your company culture. Ask current employees what they wish they would have known when they first started and how new hires can easily assimilate. The fresh ideas of a consultant could be helpful, but ultimately, your team should do what makes the most sense for your organization. Keep an eye on best practices, but this process should be crafted in-house.

In-House: Corporate Culture

Similar to company vision and mission, corporate culture is owned by those who create it and live it every day. No amount of briefing could replace being an employee who contributes to culture. This is why artificially created company culture by an outsourced channel is doomed to fail for HR. Rather than hiring a firm to shift company culture, work with your leadership team to pinpoint the best and worst components of your company’s culture. Create an incremental plan to strengthen the best parts and modify the negative components of your culture. Include several small SMART goals to monitor progress. This is no small job, but you’ll find there’s no other effective way to alter company culture than to do so within the organization.

In-House: Termination management

No one enjoys terminating an employee. Given the often-uncomfortable nature of these meetings, it's tempting to lay this burden on someone else. Resist that temptation. Even when things don’t work out, employees deserve a face-to-face conversation with someone who fully understands the situation.

Termination meetings should be handled delicately for several reasons. An employee who is let go may not have positive things to say about their former employer. What is said during a termination meeting could determine whether or not that former employee chooses to post a negative review online. Protecting your employer brand is imperative, and you can’t do so if you’ve outsourced this HR responsibility. Additionally, there is a slew of compliance and safety issues to be considered when terminating an employee. These sensitive matters should be in your hands.

At IQTalent Partners we use expertise, adaptable tactics, and the newest innovations in AI and automation to find, scout and source interested, qualified candidates. Let us take this process off your hands. Book your consultation here!

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