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On-Demand Recruiting Hiring

Creating A Headcount Plan In Uncertain Times

January 19, 2023

In an unpredictable economy, recruiters who are focused on headcount planning may feel they’re fighting an uphill battle. Or a battle on a normal hill, with a potential recession looming just beyond the horizon. 

Even in uncertain times, headcount planning is an invaluable tool to help recruiters correctly estimate how many people their workforce needs to have and chart a course to get to the correct number of employees. While this may seem like a herculean task, in 2023, there is no denying the importance of smithing together a successful headcount planning initiative.

Considering employees comprise about 70% of a company’s annual budget, nothing is more important than your hiring decisions. Hear what IQTalent’s President, David Windley, offers insight into headcount planning for 2023 in his recent blog for @Forbes:Click to Tweet

IQTalent’s President, David Windley, analyzes the current state of headcount planning in his recent blog for Forbes, Creating A Headcount Plan In Uncertain Times. In this article, Windley outlines the potential toll the highs and lows of today’s economy may have on recruiters trying to stay ahead of employment needs.

In a year where every expert has a different opinion on the future of the economy, the key to success will likely be to remain agile and flexible. See more insights from IQTalent’s President David Windley in his blog for @Forbes:Click to Tweet

Many HR and TA practitioners are feeling the stress of the oscillating trends in the economy, like having to scale up after painstakingly planning to cut down or vice versa. Solutions like on-demand candidate sourcing and recruiting can help soothe the pain points felt by these talent leaders and help them move closer to a viable plan without adding to their permanent headcount.

To read David Windley’s full article on headcount planning in uncertain times, including the benefits of on-demand candidate sourcing and recruiting, visit the Forbes Human Resources Council.