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How A Candidate Sourcing Partner Can Elevate Your Recruiting Strategy

May 27, 2021

By: IQTalent

By now, you’re well aware that the recruiting game has changed from what we’ve previously known. Traditional methods of sourcing candidates and screening applicants have become outdated, and organizations are wondering what hiring in a post-COVID world looks like. As vaccination efforts expand and businesses start to recover from the effects of the past year, the demand for top talent is ramping up. But, with a lack of talent on the market, the competition is becoming fierce. In 2021, recruiters need to rely on the support of a candidate sourcing partner to help them attract and retain the best talent.

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An outsourced candidate sourcing partner can undoubtedly take your recruitment strategy to the next level. Read on to see how it can help you to elevate your process.


It Automates Your Recruiting Process


To beat out the competition, recruiters and sorcerers need to implement digitization into their sourcing processes. Many businesses have slowed or stopped utilizing in-person recruitment strategies, leading to a rise in digital recruitment approaches. Moving forward, recruiters should aim to make their recruitment process mirror that of the employee experience. In 2021, this could mean recruiters should look to automate parts of the candidate pipeline.


With digital tools that assist with candidate sourcing and engagement, recruiters can efficiently and effectively nurture potential employees throughout the hiring process. With hundreds of candidates and dozens of schedules to maintain, it can be difficult to organize and maintain communication with candidates, but a qualified candidate sourcing partner helps alleviate these pressures by offering digital solutions to candidate engagement. Gone are the days of accidentally ghosting applicants; instead, you can automate your processes with an up-to-date tech stack to reinforce a positive employer brand that attracts top talent.


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It Enables You To Hire Flexibly


In a post-COVID world, organizations need to be able to source and hire flexibly. This past year was tumultuous and caused disruptions in many industries, but with recovery on the horizon, finding ways to create an adaptable and customizable recruitment process will help organizations succeed. On-demand candidate sourcing solutions such as IQTalent Partners helps organizations to hire at scale, meaning you can easily ramp up or pause hiring on an as-needed basis.


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It Adds A Focus On Diversity


The best candidate sourcing partner will be one that takes the time to understand your needs. In 2021, diversity and inclusivity are at the forefront of leaders’ minds. In fact, 57% of employees think their company should be doing more to increase diversity. By emphasizing creating a culture that fosters diversity and inclusivity, recruiters can edge out the competition when sourcing top talent.




For recruiters, the good news is that recruiting for diversity is more manageable now than ever. With remote work continuing to be popular, recruiters can expand their talent pools, reaching candidates they hadn’t been able to before. Over the last year, women have felt the impact of the pandemic on their careers and a significantly higher rate than their male counterparts. Many left their jobs over a need to provide care for their families and children stuck at home. However, as schools and daycares are opening back up, the increase in remote work proves to be a potentially beneficial opportunity for working women professionals.

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In leadership positions, flexible jobs that offer remote work have helped keep parents, especially women, in their roles. The freedom that comes with remote work allows for flexible scheduling that can work around their family needs, something that in-person office jobs had previously made challenging. Remote work is also breaking down barriers to apply that may have previously discouraged minority and other talent pools.  Without the costs of relocation or the need to live near an office, sourcers can expand their recruitment efforts and source qualified candidates from multiple locations, opening up the talent pool to a larger number of candidates. Another benefit to offering remote work is that it shows an increased rate of employment for working professionals with disabilities.


Candidate sourcing partners have access to the tech tools and candidate database that can create a pool of applicants that is not only diverse but also highly qualified for your open role. Acting as an extension of your in-house team, they can help you to achieve your workplace diversity goals and help you to find candidates you might not have found before.


Your Best Bet for Candidate Sourcing Partners


IQTalent Partners stands above the competition when it comes to candidate sourcing solutions. Our team of expert sourcers instantly adds a wealth of experience to your recruitment team, bringing expert industry knowledge to the table. Unlike traditional partners, we share all our candidate data with you to create a fine-tuned and transparent candidate sourcing process. And, our pay-as-you-go, on-demand recruiting model bills by the hour, keeping the finance department happy.


With IQTalent Partners, it has never been easier to source a pool of highly qualified candidates that would fit in well with your workplace culture. We provide world-class research capabilities paired with unparalleled expertise to assist you with accomplishing your goals, and our team of experts supports your recruitment and research efforts as much or as little as you need. Plus, IQTP can help you hire ahead of predicted labor needs or scale back your recruitment efforts when demand slows.


To learn more about how IQTalent Partners can help you adjust your candidate sourcing strategies for post-COVID hiring, reach out to one of our experts to schedule your free consultation today.

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