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The Need for Outsourced Recruiting Solutions in 2021

January 5, 2021

2021 is upon us, and in-house recruiting teams for companies of all sizes aren’t sure what the new year will bring them. From playing it safe and backing off of hiring to focusing on building a robust talent pipeline or investing in a new tech stack to supplement smaller teams — HR leaders aren’t sure what the next best move is to position their hiring efforts ahead of their competition. 


From IQTalent Partners’ perspective, 2021 will bring on the dire need for an outsourced recruiting function, or an on-demand recruiting partner,  to assist in-house recruiting teams. Outsourced recruiting solutions are not new to the sourcing and recruiting game, but after a business altering year, it’s the perfect solution for HR teams to get their footing.


Read on to see why 2021 will present the dire need for outsourced recruiting.


If you’re expecting a high-volume hiring sprint in 2021, the key to maintaining a quality candidate experience is consistency. 


Ask yourself: 

  • Do your first few applicants receive the same experience as your last?
  • Do you get burned out by your processes? 
  • Do the first applicants get ignored while you get your ducks in a row?


If you temporarily shut down your recruiting efforts in 2020, you may face large recruiting initiatives or multiple recruiting projects at once in the new year. And, a tiresome or bumpy recruiting process can turn off even the most eager talent in the market, as it’s a direct reflection of your company as a whole. 


An outsourced recruiting firm will make your processes consistent, professional, and streamlined from beginning to end. While your HR team needs to keep balance in the new year and prioritize company needs, an outsourced firm will have the expertise and focus on balancing multiple recruiting projects and offering a consistent and transparent experience for all parties involved.


Enhanced Employer Brand

Some companies want to keep complete control of their recruiting process to avoid a cold, brandless experience for applicants. The truth is that leveraging an outsourced firm can boost your employer brand. 


Successful recruiting involves a lot of research, outreach, marketing, and time. And, the return of investment can often be unclear in the moment. Get this - 50% of candidates say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation – even for a pay increase. If you aren’t prioritizing employer brand throughout your entire recruiting process in 2021, you’ll miss out on half of your potential candidate pool.


The best outsourced recruiting firms will take the time to get to know your industry and brand and act as an extension of your in-house team and company culture. Outsourced firms will function under your company name, so your brand reaps the benefits of a streamlined recruitment process while your team focuses on other pressing matters.

IQTalent Partners has expertise in the following industries:


Tools & Data

The right tools and data will set your recruiting process apart from the competition in attracting passive candidates and offer acceptance. As outsourced firms specialize in finding and recruiting top talent and their budgets aren’t being pulled in several directions like in-house teams, they have the tools necessary to get this done. While you could invest in the tools with your budget, the benefits are tough to justify, given the price tag when used in the short term.


With an IQTP partnership, you receive the benefits of:

LinkedIn Recruiter












Some outsourced firms develop their in-house tools based on market needs they’ve seen through their years of expertise. With an outsourced recruiting partnership, smaller companies that would otherwise lean on free tools and their own research can access exclusive tools made by experts.


Check out IQTalent XChange: Our all-new talent marketplace for qualified, passive candidates.


Beyond being a cost-saving option to leverage expertise while your recruiters focus on engaging with qualified talent, outsourced recruiting firms are continuously gathering data about recruitment processes in general and for specific industries and roles. They frequently analyze their data to improve processes across the board for improved hiring and recruiting productivity — ensuring that their team and your budgets are fully optimized. 


An On/Off Model

Above all else, the dire need for outsourced recruiting in 2021 lies in their ability to meet a moment of uncertainty. Outsourced firms who use an on-demand business model,  like IQTalent Partners, can scale up and down with the whims of the market and ebb and flow of business. If you find your business booming in 2021 and need a new batch of qualified talent to meet demand, your recruiting partner can quickly jump in and meet this need. If you expect a dip in your off-season, your recruiting partner can be ‘turned off,’ dialed back, and put on standby to not hurt your budget when they’re not needed.


With an extensive in-house team, your budget would include year-round salaries and benefits regardless of recruiting demand. But if your company still wants to emphasize an in-house team, IQTalent Partners can still help. Throughout the latter half of 2020, recruiting teams saw as much as 80% of their team laid off. Your team may be worn thin but still, need to match the new year’s incoming recruiting needs. IQTalent Partners can be used as an extension of your in-house team in lieu of building your team back to full capacity.

Outsourced recruiting solutions can ease the uncertainty your in-house team and C-suite face.  From on-demand industry research, candidate search, professional recruiting, and executive search offerings, outsourced firms are uniquely positioned to be necessary for companies of all sizes and industries in the uncertain 2021 hiring landscape. With an established partnership, your in-house team can rest assured that an expert recruiting team is ready to meet your unique needs in the new year. Get started today and start building your team.

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